Crystal McMillan, MA, RNCP

Joan Schofield, Qualicum Beach, BC: Over the past year and one half I have been on a journey to health and peacefulness.  Crystal McMillan has been my guide. My husband passed on in March of 2015. At the age of 63  I was sick, tired and grieving when I met Crystal through Bare Roots yoga classes.  After attending the introductory sessions and becoming hooked on Iyengar style yoga, all else flowed from there.  I realized  that my whole body and mind were out of balance. I was on four different hypertension medications,  overweight and anxious. I booked an appointment with Crystal as a nutritionist and my journey to health began.  After much hard work in yoga class, honing of diet, education around nutrition and healthful eating I no longer take any of the hypertensive meds, am 50 lbs lighter and feel wonderful! The work will always continue but it is easier now for me to make the right choices for my health. I am so grateful to Crystal for her support and guidance through this transition in my life. I continue with Iyengar yoga and have developed a home practice of yoga, meditation and healthful eating.


Bonnie Wallis, CPA, CGA, Parksville, BC: I have found great relaxation and comfort in the yoga classes provided by Crystal and her staff.  I need to find more time to treat myself to her yoga classes. WHEN I am diligent about following Crystal’s very knowledgeable nutritional advice and yoga training, it makes me feel better in general and I find that I sleep better, too. I am confident in Crystal’s nutritional advice and her recommendations are always welcome.  I dropped fifteen pounds, when I was very diligent about her using nutritional advice and regular yoga class attendance. I’m glad to know that Crystal is always available with a solution to my body’s problem.

Carolyn Parry, Parksville, BC: I am extremely grateful for having met Crystal and availed myself of her many strengths.  Crystal’s level of expertise in Yoga has benefited me greatly both from a physical and spiritual position.  I have met with Crystal a few times to go over nutrition and to gain more knowledge of supplements.  Crystal is so knowledgeable and I look forward to taking advantage of this fact.

Kelly Brady, Parksville, BC: I met Crystal, a couple of years ago, when I was about to vacation and felt a cold coming on.  She was helpful and asked many questions before recommending something to boost my immunity.  I never caught the cold. Sensing her attention to providing the best possible advise, I decide to come back for her consultation and health analysis.  She spent hours compiling the information I gave her and has given me nutritional advise regarding my medications and life style.

After implementing her suggestions I dropped 10 pounds with in a month and continue to learn more with all the resources she provided as well as our ongoing conversations each time I visit her store.  My medications are now being reduced due to the changes Crystal has helped me make.   Losing weight and reducing medication were my main objectives and she has me on the road to improved health.  I am very grateful for her compassion and I know she really truly cares.

Skip Rowland, Florida, USA: Crystal is not only dedicated, she is reliable and comes with abundant energy atop an award winning personality.

Neil Donetz, Parksville, BC: “Crystal is a great nutritionist who gave me valuable advice and skills to improve my eating and health.”


Emily Beadman, Prince Rupert, BCThank you, Crystal for the wonderful yoga sessions I enjoyed with you and our great group of gals in January and February. I miss you all already! though I am happy to be back home again with the frozen lake and all the great piles of snow everywhere! I learned a lot during our sessions and am feeling very strong and healthy and ready to take on the world! You are a super instructor: individual attention to each person’s body issues and limitations; calm, unhurried and relaxing atmosphere; non-threatening approach to allow each person to experiment in a safe and comfortable environment; knowledgeable and succinct instruction; lots of props to make each experience meaningful and personal. I would certainly recommend your establishment to anyone who is looking for a way to get into shape and maintain good health. And I know that I only skimmed the surface of all the various facets of your business. I wish you all the best! 

Domena Diesling, Qualicum Beach, BC: I would like to take the time to express my thank you for the great lessons you give. On Friday, I very much appreciate the depth with which we looked at (really “felt…”) the transversalis with greater awareness through the different asanas! In addition, I would also like to tell you that I highly appreciate the quality of your instructions and demonstrations: both are always very clear and concise! Could not be better! I also particularly like the references to the benefits to the inner organs (and that sometimes you have referred to hormonal issues as well).

Kelly Hilder, Parksville, BC: When I first came upon Crystal’s Yoga Centre  just after her doors opened for business, I was looking for a new place to take some yoga classes. I soon found that not only does she teach yoga classes, but she promotes a persons complete sense of well being through her education of nutrition and nutritional products all in one location! In addition,  Bare Roots offers educational lectures and workshops  that I have been attending, and truly can’t say enough about this amazing place to visit. Crystal’s staff, Deb and yoga instructors  are super friendly and provide a wide range of classes to choose from. I’ll be sure to experience it all. I highly recommend Bare Roots Natural health and Yoga Centre as a place to visit. You will be welcomed there like family and come away empowered!!

Ashley Hilder, Parksville, BCBare Roots Natural Health and Yoga Centre is a beautiful brand new, spacious studio with the most friendly staff. They make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. Each teacher is unique, but shares the same passion for yoga. Beginning each class with how are ‘you’ feeling today & making sure you stay within your safe physical and emotional boundaries. Having a background in health care, I appreciate their holistic approach, feeling a strong body & mind connection in every class!

John Overton, Qualicum Beach, BC: Thank you so much for all your excellent nutrition advise. The thoroughness of the nutrition consultation, your review, and all the time that obviously went into it is much appreciated. You confirmed my suspicions on a number of issues, so I shall now be doing quite a lot of re-evaluating….

Leanne Brown

Dana Lynn Livingstone, Nanoose Bay, BC: In divine time I met Leanne at Bareroots Yoga Studio in Parksville. I  had just been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Before the surgery I was able to attend her Qigong classes and during Chemotherapy and Radiation I had private Medical Qigong  sessions with her. Leanne assisted me with imagery to use during both Chemo and Radiation which proved to be nothing less than a miracle for me during this time. Leanne’s instruction and meditations are so beautifully communicated. Her voice and her natural beauty calms and soothes. She gives 100% effort with compassion as well. Her deep understanding of Qigong and all of its benefits to the physical, emotional and spiritual are a divine gift to anyone who chooses to take her classes and or private Medical Qigong  treatments. After a private session I felt wonderful, relaxed and light as a feather. I feel that a peace of mind, body and spirit were possible for me because of her incredible gift to help connect us to the divine. She has taught me much and I will be applying Qigong  to my life from now on as I am a true believer and example of what it has done for my health and my well-being. I cannot thank Leanne enough. She is a true blessing.

Sue Smith, Parksville, BC: I believe in holistic treatments wherever possible. I had never received a Medical Qigong treatment before and had the idea that maybe one had to go to China in order to experience this amazing healing treatment.  I certainly did not realize it was available locally. In the middle of August I had my first treatment. After a short interview, all I needed to do was lie down and relax, and leave the rest to Leanne. The treatment is non-invasive, no needles or painful prodding, and so peaceful. The most wonderful part was that it felt as if every ache and pain, every stress or tension was removed through the soles of my feet. I drove home feeling like a new person, feeling peaceful, liberated and re-energized as if a slate had been wiped clean giving me a whole new start. I felt a shift from a place of ‘limbo’ to regaining my zest for life, my creativity and a better energy level. Thanks Leanne, you do a great job!

Lynn Ronning, Parksville, BC: Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful healing work of qigong. I had no idea what it was or what to expect really, apart from that it was some sort of energy work. I am so grateful that my first experience was with such a skilled, caring and authentic healing practitioner as Leanne. Her classes are an absolute delight to be a part of, she is sincere and caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. With each class I continue to experience many benefits, and I particularly love ending the session with the meditation. Qigong has helped me become much more grounded and centered. It has moved some pretty stagnant energy and emotions and made room for some much needed healing in my life. It has calmed my mind, invigorated my body, and awakened my spirit. I look forward to continuing this practice and I am so grateful to Bare Roots Natural Health & Yoga Center for their wonderful services, facility and caring presence.

Tracy Pike

Maureen Kehl, Qualicum Beach, BC: For the past couple of months, I have been attending Tracey’s chair yoga class due to back problems which leave me in pain most everyday.   I have found her class to be beneficial in more ways than one, not only has it helped me to be more conscious of the way I sit and stand, but it has helped me to relax and feel more at peace.  This in turn has opened other doors.  I have discovered material and articles which have helped me deal with back issues and led me to a healthier life style.  I now have more energy, less pain and a better frame of mind, so a big thanks to you to Tracey!    

Karen Strong, Qualicum Beach, BC: Tracy has a wonderful knowledge of yoga. She is very personable, her classes flow easily and are always enjoyable.  I am very thankful she has been instrumental in helping with my yoga practice over a number of years.

Shirley-Ann Royer, Qualicum Beach, BC: So enjoying the yoga classes with you. I don’t always get to let you know this….it’s very appreciated and I always walk away feeling much, much, better. Thank-you.

Lynn Moore, Parksville, BC: I really enjoyed the yoga today. I loved the leg work and all the prep we do before it. The peace and joy was extra special. An then you added and shared about meditation and it’s benefits. You are a gift to all of us. the gentle energy you bring to each session, wow!!! Thanks again and have a great weekend. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”.

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