barrie tai chi qigong2Qigong is the skillful application of life force energy designed to correct energetic imbalances which occur as a result of a busy lifestyle, poor diet, illness/injury, consistent negative emotions, and many other reasons.  The practice is reputed to be approximately 5000 years old, originating in Ancient China, with influences from other countries such as India.  It is a holistic practice using gentle physical exercises, visualizations, meditations, and breathing techniques to correct imbalances and create optimal health and wellness. We offer Qigong in the following ways:

Benefits of Qigong Classes and Medical Qigong Treatments:

  • decreased pain
  • improved muscle and tendon strength and joint mobility
  • better sleep
  • increased vitality and energy
  • decreased effects of stress and aging
  • improved/balanced mood
  • greater piece of mind
  • increased resiliency to life’s challenges
  • increased emotional stability
  • reduced susceptibility to illness/disease
  • improved digestion

Introduction to Qigong Class Series: This series will introduce you to the ancient healing practice of Qigong. The practice is suitable for all levels of fitness, coordination and ability and can be done sitting in a chair for those with reduced mobility. The exercises are simple, gentle and easy to learn. There is no previous experience required. Join us to experience the many healing and preventative benefits of this extraordinary practice. Instructor: Leanne Brown – Medical Qigong Therapist. See the current schedule for upcoming class series or: Click Here to Register or Call: 250.954.2273

Group Classes: Our 90 minute Qigong Healing Workout involves a 75 minute standing exercise practice, followed by a 15 minute meditation. The practice can be done sitting in a chair for those with reduced mobility. The exercises are simple, gentle and easy to learn and are suitable for all levels of fitness, coordination and ability. There is no previous experience required. To Purchase Class Passes Click Here.

Private Medical Qigong Treatments: The Practitioner will do an assessment of the Client’s condition at the beginning of each treatment to determine a course of action. In some cases, information may be gathered prior to the initial treatment and/or  in between treatments. During the treatment, as the Qi moves, the Client may feel varying sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling, and muscular twitching. after the treatment, the Client will likely feel relaxed, have a general sense of well-being and vitality, and be more present. Results will vary, depending on the condition or issue being treated, and the length of time it has been present.

Private LessonsThe Practitioner offers private lessons one-on-one or in a private small group.

  • One-on-one Private LessonsSuitable for individuals who have never tried Qigong and prefer to have an introduction prior to taking part in group classes, or for individuals who have attended classes and would like some personal instruction in order to get the most from their practice and increase benefits. Also suitable for individuals who simply prefer the private, one-on-one approach to a group class environment.
  • Private Group LessonsIf you have a work or social group interested in sharing in the Qigong practice together, this is a great option for you. The class(s) is scheduled according to your needs and limited to your group members only. A minimum of 6 people required.

Leanne Brown is a certified Medical Qigong Therapist and studies with Wendy Lang from Empty Mountain Institute and the IIMQ (International Institute of Medical Qigong). She begins her studies towards her Masters in Medical Qigong in 2015.

To Register for a Treatment Click Here. To arrange a time for the treatment please call: 250.954.2273.



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