Medical Qigong Private Treatments


Holiday Medical Qigong Treatment Special – purchase as many private treatments as you like during the month of December and use them whenever you like – no expiry date. $75/90 minute treatment – a savings of $20 per treatment.

The Practitioner will do an assessment of the Client’s condition at the beginning of each treatment to determine a course of action. In some cases, information may be gathered prior to the initial treatment and/or  in between treatments. During the treatment, as the Qi moves, the Client may feel varying sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling, and muscular twitching. After the treatment, the Client will likely feel relaxed, have a general sense of well-being and vitality, and be more present. Results will vary, depending on the condition or issue being treated, and the length of time it has been present.  To arrange a time for the appointment please call: 250.954.2273.

Benefits of Medical Qigong Classes and Treatments include:

  • decreased pain
  • improved muscle and tendon strength and joint mobility
  • better sleep
  • increased vitality and energy
  • decreased effects of stress and aging
  • improved/balanced mood
  • greater peace of mind
  • increased resiliency to life’s challenges
  • increased emotional stability
  • reduced susceptibility to illness/disease
  • improved digestion





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