Qigong; 12 Class Pass


The 90 minute Qigong Healing Workout involves a 75 minute standing exercise practice, followed by a 15 minute meditation. The practice can be done sitting in a chair for those with reduced mobility. The exercises are simple, gentle and easy to learn and are suitable for all levels of fitness, coordination and ability. There is no previous experience required. This product registers you for 12 classes of your choice of the following days and times: Tuesday’s 11:30 a.m., Thursday’s 11:30 a.m., Thursday’s 6:30 p.m. We do not apply expiry dates to our class passes.

Medical Qigong is the skillful application of life force energy designed to correct energetic imbalances which occur as a result of a busy lifestyle, poor diet, illness/injury, consistent negative emotions, and many other reasons.  The practice is reputed to be approximately 5000 years old, originating in Ancient China, with influences from other countries such as India.  It is a holistic practice using gentle physical exercises, visualizations, meditations, and breathing techniques to correct imbalances and create optimal health and wellness.

Benefits of Medical Qigong Classes and Treatments include:

  • decreased pain
  • improved muscle and tendon strength and joint mobility
  • better sleep
  • increased vitality and energy
  • decreased effects of stress and aging
  • improved/balanced mood
  • greater peace of mind
  • increased resiliency to life’s challenges
  • increased emotional stability
  • reduced susceptibility to illness/disease
  • improved digestion

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