Nutrition Services

Our nutrition store offers a wide selection of vitamins and supplements. Our knowledgeable staff and consultants are always on hand to provide in-store nutrition advice. For private counseling, please review the options listed below:

[title]Initial Consultation & Health Analysis[/title]

Salad Heart PicNatural holistic nutrition teaches how to heal yourself and prevent illness with nutritious whole foods. Vitamin and mineral supplementation is important nowadays due to the modern western diet which is full of highly processed and refined foods. Learn the right balance of foods for your metabolism. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…


[title]Weight Management[/title]

Weight Loss ApplesMany people experience difficulty losing weight on calorie restriction diets because the underlying metabolic and hormonal inhibitors of fat loss are ignored. Weight loss programs should be specifically tailored to an individual’s particular needs, likes and dislikes. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…


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[title]Pregnancy and Prenatal[/title]

Pregnancy PicPregnant women require optimum levels of macro nutrients to ensure their health and their baby’s health during pregnancy. A wholesome, balanced diet along with specific vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids are necessary for the healthy growth and development of the fetus. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…

[title]Children’s Health[/title]

Children's Pics GirlLearn which foods are optimal for your growing child throughout their different growth stages. Learn ideas to incorporate healthy foods for picky eaters and how to engage your child in a healthy lifestyle while learning and having fun at the same time. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…

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[title]Group Presentations[/title]

iStock_000014048200_MediumDuring this 3 hour presentation, our experts delivers professional nutrition education lectures to corporate organizations, government organizations, sport teams, industries, school districts, community service groups and other organizations. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE….


[title]Meal Plans[/title]

imagesIf you are trying to lose weight, detoxify your body, eat to starve cancer, or simply just eat healthier, a customized meal plan can facilitate all of your health goals. Take the guess work out of knowing the best foods to put in your body everyday. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…


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[title] Corporate[/title]

Corporate TeamThis program includes an assessment of employee needs, attitudes and preferences, education and awareness, personal skill building, workplace environment and,  an effective monitoring program to maintain success.

Workplace health and wellness is an integral part of a company’s strategy for creating a healthy work environment. Increased employee health and work/life balance produces increased employee motivation and engagement in the workplace that is critical to long-term success. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…

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