Great people and great organizations have one thing in common: great visions! The role of leaders in creating the elements and environment critical to success becomes ever more apparent, particularly as organizations seek to create high performing and engaged, healthy workplaces. Organizations are ‘living systems’ of relationships and partnerships that collectively work toward the large undertaking of achieving their goals. It takes committed people, partnerships, and shared visions to bring goals to fruition. Bare Roots Natural Health Centre specializes in developing personal and organizational leadership excellence.

  • inspiration and renewed confidence in your ability to pursue your passions and fine tune your vision
  • the capacity to pursue life goals through an action plan for long-term growth and change
  • heightened emotional intelligence awareness and skills
  • skill in engaging, coaching, and developing others
  • proficiency in developing, managing and supporting teams
  • identify, analyze, and build solutions to organizational challenges;
  • communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders; and
  • implement change and achieve results.

Personal development is at the core of all successful leadership programs and is key to successful organizations. It is the process of exercising your courage, willpower, and discipline to put into action a personal plan aimed at discovering and creating your personal destiny. Every participant in our vision management and leadership programs will work closely with our coaches to design a personal program tailored to achieve your individual goals, aspirations, and genuine behavioral change.

Our coaches support and advise as they help participants to:

  • develop the ability to formulate a clear image of the aspired future;
  • identify a focused set of development goals;
  • design a personal plan that builds physical, emotional, and spiritual health through effective and consistent lifestyle;
  • transform goals into actionable steps that are achievable and measurable;
  • review and interpret feedback from 360-degree and other assessments; and
  • monitor and measure progress and make adjustments as the program develops.

Organizational Development Program

Developing and sustaining an effective and efficient organization requires attention to organizational structures such as hierarchical design, employee performance management and recruitment processes, succession planning process, and the ability to identify and measure successes and challenges. Our consultants offer a variety of services to assist organizational development needs.

  • facilitating organizational design requirements to decide what roles are required to meet specific business requirements;
  • develop a staged implementation plan that guides the organization through a learning process that enables credibility, accountability, as well as behavior that creates effective teamwork; and
  • provide hands on educational sessions to collaborate with and inform stakeholders and decision-makers on the principles that need to be followed when building or modifying the design of an organization.




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